Tokens Helpers
These pages will help you assemble tokens transactions and make sure they are valid, before you send them to the cycle.
Developers: there is also a json API available, docs and test vectors.
Test a transaction that was generated by another mean.
Converts an IPFS CID to a format that can be sent in a NFT data transaction, or vice-versa
Create a new token.
Send token(s) you have to someone else.
Mint a mintable token you own.
Burn a mintable token you have.
Transfer ownership of a mintable token you own to someone else.
Create a new NFT class
Create a new instance of an existing NFT class
Transfer a NFT instance to an address
Burns a NFT instance
Transfer ownership of an NFT class you own to someone else.
Adds data to an NFT instance you own
Add data to an NFT class you own, or an instance of this class