Test Tokens Faucet
The goal of this faucet is to make it easier for developpers to experiment with several token types.


TEST is a token with no decimals. Can only be sent by integer amount.
Current faucet balance: 808.


TEST2 is a currency like token, with 2 decimals.
Current faucet balance: 917.61.


TEST18 is a token with 18 decimals, like ETH.
Current faucet balance: 99.754554329799999775.


We may add more test tokens later on, or even run airdrops.

Request free test tokens

Faucet will be replenished daily if empty.
One request max per address, week and token type
Please no abuse or we would have to take measures.
The address (raw or id__) to send tokens to.
This address has to exist (10n min balance)
The token type you'd like.
A kind feedback to the devs is always appreciated!